Landscape Hotels World Congress

The first world congress about a new concept of tourism accommodation: the Landscape
Hotel. A meeting where to debate about architecture, sustainability and tourism and show
success stories recounted by its protagonists.

Only 100 people will be able to attend this exclusive and pioneer event that take place
for the first time. If you are interested in attending, join us and pre-register now to be one of
the participants of the First Landscape Hotels World Congress.


Edgar González

Arquitecto y Director Bachelor in Design


Laura Revuelta

Redactora Jefe

ABC Cultural

Kent Lindvall

Fundador, co propietario y Marketing Manager

Tree Hotel

Jorge Manuel Machado Almeida

General Manager

Hotel Pedras Salgadas

Alfredo Acosta

CEO y propietario

Encuentro Guadalupe

Antonio Torrecillas


Architectural Digest

Daniel Mayo

Fundador, propietario y Director General

VIVOOD Landscape Hotels

Celia Galera

Fundadora y Directora General

Grupo Habitat Futura

Irene Ruiz

International Marketing

Paysage Topscape

Sigurlaug “Laulau” Sverrisdottir

CEO y propietario

Ion Adventure Hotel

Zoe Baillargeon

Coordinadora de Medios

Ecocamp Patagonia

Marta Lourenço

Arquitecta y Media Manager

Cabanas no Rio

Luis Uribarri

Redactor Jefe

Revista Viajar

Fernando Gallardo

Conferenciante, escritor y crítico de hoteles en El País

Beatriz Zaera

User Discovery


Javier Mazorra

Periodista especializado en viajes

Sunny Oruganti

Sales & Marketing

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Emilia Roitman

Customer Experience Manager

Entrecielos Wine Luxury Hotel

Álvaro López


Hotel Elqui Domos

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Landscape Hotels Awards

The Landscape Hotels Nominations and Winners are made by architects, designers, travel and
sustainability industry experts and travel journalists and are awarded to hotels around the
world across three different categories.

Singular Architecture Award

Highlight the contemporary and innovative architecture done by architects and designers who have created new and singular spaces of tourist accommodation

Sustainability Award

Recognise those hotels which are leading in sustainable innovation and practices across tourism industry

Genuine Travel Experience Award

Reward the excellence of best in class landscape hotels who are creating unique experiencies and redefining standards to address the needs of 21st century travellers



Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort






Hotel Elqui Domos


Amangiri Hotel


The I Landscape Hotels World Congress will take place at VIVOOD Landscape Hotels

(Benimantell, Alicante, Spain)

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